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Are you an eCommerce-focused agency with great technical chops that wants to add a huge amount of value to your project scope? Do you build integrations to 3rd party platforms and want to connect to ShipStation? Then our Solution Providers program is for you! We offer a two-way referral program designed to help you grow your service offering and truly own the solution when building stores, and help make sure the integrations are certified and your services are marketed to our users!

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(Technology) Partner

Are you are an ecommerce platform, marketplace, carrier or inventory management system looking to broaden your online ecosystem? Would you customer base benefit from a direct integration with the leading cloud based shipping solution? If yes, ShipStation is here to help. We have the developer resources you need to create a direct integration with ShipStation.



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3PL / Parcel Fulfillment Provider

Are you a third-party logistics company (3PL) or parcel fulfillment provider want to expand your reach into the fast-growing small-to-medium (SMB) e-commerce merchant market? If so, our program is for you! We offer a program that matches rapidly-growing e-commerce merchants using the ShipStation platform with high-quality, certified fulfillment partners around the globe.



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