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Table of Contents

The Branded Experience

What Is the "Brand Dead Zone"?

You’ve most likely heard the term “dead zone” in the context of a location with no cell signal. It’s a place with zero communication between two parties. A conversation could be possible, but it would mean additional investment from telecom companies.

Think about the Brand Dead Zone in the same way.

The phrase refers to the period between when a shopper places an order and when the order is received. It’s the time when businesses could connect with customers but often don’t.

Why Does It Matter?

A good post-purchase and shipping experience encourages brand loyalty. And a negative post-purchase experience can turn a shopper off from your brand entirely.

The Brand Dead Zone is a perfect opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship with your customers. And to make the most of this opportunity, you must incorporate your brand into every part of the process — including packaging and shipping.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Introduction to Branded Shipping

The branded experience you provide to your customers shapes the way they feel and think about your brand and its product. It’s a determining factor for new opportunities, repeat purchases, and your company’s overall success. Developing an effective branding strategy in tandem with your shipping strategy is the best way to build loyal customer relationships.

  • Why building a branding strategy will improve customer retention and loyalty
  • The definition of Brand Dead Zone and how to use it as an opportunity to create meaningful customer relationships
  • A branded shipping checklist of action items to build an acclaimed brand
Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Shipping at Checkout

You can influence a customer’s buying decision by implementing a mutually beneficial shipping method for your customer. Test out the best shipping option for your store that will keep your margins from dropping and your customers attracted.

  • Why shipping options matter to your customers
  • How to calculate the best prices
  • The benefits of No Cost, Flat Rate, Calculated Rate and Dimensional Price shipping
  • How to implement a shipping method
Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Tracking & Delivery: Notifications & Emails

Develop better relationships with your customers by listening to their queries, comments, and concerns meanwhile providing up-to-date tracking details. There are multiple communication tools that you can utilize to help you stay connected during your brand loyalty journey.

  • How to be direct and reliable through the use of email notifications
  • How to decrease your workload by displaying tracking details on a fully branded tracking page
  • The effectiveness of using social media to engage with your community and stay on top of your industry’s latest news
Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Optimize the Unboxing Experience

It’s important to create an unforgettable unboxing experience that will be as powerfully effective as an interactive brick-and-mortar store. Delight and attract your customers through a unique unboxing experience that will show the heart of your company. Keep in mind that marketing to your customer’s emotions this way will contribute to your reputation and customer relationship efforts.

  • What to include in your unboxing experience to deepen your connection with customers and establish your brand further
  • How to customize your boxes to represent to your brand and spark engagement
  • Examples of successful unboxing experiences
Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Packaging Part I: Thinking Outside the Box

When the box first reaches the customer is one of the most exciting and engaging times that they will have with your brand. The first impression you create in the outside-the-box experience can determine how the customer feels about your brand. By building a strategy and adding a dash of creativity, you can produce a significant experience and returning customers.

  • How to pick box types + sizes
  • Effective designing for boxes including colors, stickers, logos, and graphics
  • How to brand your shipping labels
  • The advantages to using a eCom label and how to set it up
Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Packaging Part II: Thinking Inside the Box

The inside of your shipping boxes are a valuable place to display and protect your products, creative designs, personalized messages, and promotional items. The information you include will keep your customers informed of shipping details and further attracted to any additional inclusions. Use this space wisely.

  • How to express your customer appreciation through personalization
  • How to customize branded packing slips
  • What promotional items to use to gain new customers and increase loyalty
  • The benefits of including a return label
Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Returning on Brand

Unfortunately, returns are inevitable. By learning your customer’s returns patterns and updating your policy, you can reduce the amount of returns you receive. The customer-service driven returns policy you provide will increase your sales and build a loyal, purchase-confident customer.

  • How to create a successful returns policy
  • The most common reasons customers return their products
  • What to consider before choosing the best returns policy
  • Steps to preventing shopping cart abandonment
  • Example of a successful returns policy
Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Delivering your Brand

If you are just getting started in ecommerce or more experienced, this ebook is a tool to both create or revamp your branding in a comprehensive shipping strategy. Effectively market your brand and establish a lasting connection between you and your customers at each step of the shipping process.

  • An overview of why a branding strategy matters
  • What questions to ask yourself to understand what areas in your branding can be improved
  • The Branded Shipping Checklist to get started on what concepts and details you want to include in your strategy

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